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HKGALA Named a Finalist for LGBT Network of the Year Award
As part of the inaugural 2015 Hong Kong LGBTI Awards hosted by Community Business, HKGALA was named as a Finalist for the LGBT Network of the Year Award in recognition of its role in promoting LGBT diversity and inclusion and demonstrating strong engagement with and commitment to local Hong Kong LGBT employees. The two fellow finalists were the LGBT employee networks of Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.
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HKGALA Expresses Disappointment in the QT Case Ruling
In an op-ed, HKGALA speaks out to express deep disappointment in the ruling of the High Court on the QT case challenging the Department of Immigration's refusal to grant a dependent visa to foreign legally married same-sex spouses on the grounds of discimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
"We at HKGALA regret the outcome of this case for the applicant herself, for the legal reasoning it employs and for what it means for Hong Kong and its lesbian and gay residents. In recent years, more and more jurisdictions have begun to recognise that fundamental to human dignity is the right to form loving relationships between two people and have those bonds recognized. Lest this be viewed as a phenomenon of Europe and North America alone, multiple wards and cities in Japan now recognise civil partnerships between same-sex couples, South Africa permits same-sex marriage, Uruguay and Mexico permit same-sex marriage and Israel, which lacks civil marriage altogether, recognises same-sex marriages performed abroad. Closer to home, the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen, has made marriage equality part of her platform and many in the region anticipate same-sex marriage to become a reality in Taiwan in the next one to two years. Even in the mainland, the discussion of recognising same sex marriage has begun."
"Hong Kong is a global city which seeks to distinguish itself on the basis of its ability to retain, develop and draw human talent, and to be a leader in education, culture and the rule of law, risks falling behind if it is unable to offer basic rights that are becoming increasingly routine around the world. Hong Kong should lead – not follow. Reversing this decision would be a good step; challenging the notion that marriage should be limited to opposite-sex partners in Hong Kong should be the next, and these challenges will come."
Read the full op-ed at:
HKGALA Featured in Apple Daily
Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong's most circulated newspaper, interviewed HKGALA Co-Chairs, Mike, Dianna, Wally and Marc, for a featured story on HKGALA, its formation and activities, and the importance of authenticity in the workplace.

















【本報訊】由當事人身後,走到鎂光燈前,由全港350名來自不同律師行法律專業人員組成的香港同志律師協會(Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Attorneys Network)年多前成立,一年間累積28個團體會員,當中包括香港國際仲裁中心。除了為各大律師行及法律部門提供資訊、爭取訂立反性傾向歧視法外,協會更會為性小眾出頭,在平權官司中擔當義務律師。HKGALA的成立源於Mike、Wally、Marc三個好朋友一次「壹號皇庭」式把酒閒聊,Wally忽發奇想,「為甚麼我們不成立一個像Interbank(銀行界同志網絡)一樣的組織?同志律師也要有自己的聲音」。三人坐言起行,膽粗粗向各大律師行敲門,結果反應正面,2013年12月,聯盟正式成立,會員除來自律師行外,亦包括機構法律部、司法機構及法律系學生。
提供義務法律服務發起人之一Marc指,律師平日的工作是提醒客戶避免風險,新入行的律師面對個人是否「出櫃」的議題,自然也由計算風險出發,「為甚麼我要冒險出櫃?我的同事、客戶會怎樣看我?希望GALA可以為他們建立一個環境,讓他們不需要為做自己而承受風險。」HKGALA聯席主席李揚珠(Dianna)6年前來港任職英國律師行,因為初入行不敢「出櫃」,每周被上司問到周末節目,只能顧左右而言他,深受「不能做自己」之苦;4年前轉工後她決定出櫃,「𠵱家乜嘢都可以share with我啲同事,啲關係都好好」。她希望自己的經歷可給新入行者信心。Mike表示,協會將在涉及性小眾權益的官司上提供義務法律服務,包括司法覆核的案件,貢獻法律上的專長。■記者張嘉雯 
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HKGALA Featured in EOC Blog
In November 2014, HKGALA invited Dr. York Chow, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, for a fireside chat to discuss the work of the EOC on LGBT anti-discrimination. The event was hosted by Linklaters and featured warm opening remarks by Linklaters' Asia Regional Managing Partner Marc Harvey.
Link to EOC post:
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