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The Hong Kong LGBT+ Attorneys (HKGALA) Network was founded in 2013 by a group of attorneys (Wally Suphap, Marc Rubinstein and Mike Kung) as the first network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members - and straight allies - of the legal community in Hong Kong.
HKGALA's objectives are to promote LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, increase awareness of LGBT+ legal issues in Hong Kong and abroad, encourage LGBT-focused pro bono work, partner with public and private institutions to effect change at both social and legal levels, and ensure that, within the legal sector, LGBT individuals can bring their authentic selves to work.  
Our membership consists of over 800 individuals in the legal profession, including those in private practice, in-house, legal recruiting, academia, government, and non-profits. We benefit from the institutional support from 60+ of the region's leading law firms and organizations, ranging from international firms to local and boutique firms. 
As part of the 2015 Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index Awards, HKGALA was named as a Finalist for the LGBT Network of the Year Award. Presented by Community Business, the Award recognizes the region's leading networks that have played a proactive role in promoting LGBT inclusion and demonstrated strong engagement with, and commitment to, LGBT employees.
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